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National Sun Yat-Sen University Collective Student Insurance Scheme (國立中山大學學生團體保險辦法)

National Sun Yat-Sen University Collective Student Insurance Scheme

Approved during the 2nd Student Affairs Meeting of 2006-Academic Year held on 04-23-2007 

Approved during the 1st Student Affairs Meeting of 2007-Academic Year on 01-18-2008 


FIRST      National Sun Yat-Sen University (hereafter referred as the University) has devised this scheme aimed to provide some social assistance to student(s) whose family has suffered economic loss as result of the student fallen illness or suffered an accident.


SECOND All students enrolled in the current academic year at the University, including those new graduate school students who have been accepted for the following academic year but are in early attendance, student teachers and foreign exchange students shall all participate in the collective student insurance program (hereafter referred as the Insurance).  Those who already have government sponsored social insurance coverage can choose to participate or not in the program.


THIRD      The Insurance policy with the lowest premium will be chosen from a public tender.  The University´s president or his/her proxy will be the proposer, the parents or legal guardian listed in the insured´s admissions record will be the beneficiary.


FOURTH The Insurance coverage includes treatments for injuries resulted from illness or accident; death or missing resulted from a particular accident; disability or need therapy (outpatient clinical visit not included).


FIFTH       The insured amount for each insured shall be the same as the amount stipulated in the NSYSU Collective Student Insurance Policy.

                  The insured amount will be twice as the aforementioned for death resulted from accidents during participation of the University’s educational activities held off-campus (including maritime teaching practices), official sports competitions held on or off campus or community/social activities duly approved and registered with the University.


SIXTH      The Insurance premium is subsided in part by the University in accordance to rules established by the Ministry of Education.  The rest shall be paid by the insured in two equal   quotas, at the registration of each semester. Students that choose not to take part in the Insurance program need to present a signed parental consent form and shall be excluded from the Ministry of Education subsidy list.

                  The following students are entitled to partial or total insurance premium exemption.  The University shall review related documents and attribute the maximum subsidy amount permitted by regulation.  Should the maximum amount attributed not cover the premium in its totality, the insured shall be responsible to pay for the amount not covered by the subsidy.

1.     Students who are exempted from tuition and other school fees (including low-income family students, students with severe or very severe disabilities, students whose parent(s) are with severe or very severe disabilities, except those students with government grants).

2.    Students of Aboriginal origin.


SEVENTH  The Insurance policy shall take effect every year from zero hour of August 1st and expires at midnight of July 31st of the following year.  Because the academic year starts on June 1st and ends on July 31st every year, students who need to be in University early to attend classes or participate in laboratory sessions, for safety reasons, shall add one or two months to the insurance period.

                  For students taking the Insurance, the Insurance coverage shall take effect on August 1st even if the registration and payment were made after that date.  For students graduating that academic year, even if the graduation occurred before July 31st, as long the payment was made in time, the Insurance coverage will only expire on July 31st.  For students who graduated during the first semester, the Insurance will expire on January 31st.  Any student who have been admitted but want to take a leave of absence, need to fill out a leave of absence notice and continue to pay for the Insurance.  For verification purpose, the Insurance proposer shall notify the insurer of the student´s necessary information such as name and student ID number.


EIGHTH   The University will include in its standard receipt form used during registration of each semester, the item “insurance fee”, which shall be collected together with tuition and other school fees due at registration. The collected insurance fee shall be paid to the Insurance provider within sixty days of collection.  The corresponding receipt from the Insurance provider shall be kept by the University for safe-keeping.


NINTH      Matters not included in this scheme shall be governed in accordance with the terms stated in the insurance policy approved by the Ministry of Finance and approved laws and decrees on the subject of insurance.

TENTH     The University´s collective student insurance policy terms shall follow the terms specified in this scheme and be submitted to Student Affairs meeting for discussion and approval for execution. 

ELEVENTH       This scheme´s formulation, approval and subsequent revisions/alterations shall always be made and passed at the Student Affairs Meetings.


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